On Sunday the 25th of March 2018 our Greek Orthodox Community once again commemorated the double feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos and the Independence of Greece.

The Festivities began on the Saturday evening during the Vespers conducted at our Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George.

It was a blessing this year for us all  over the duration of the weekend, to celebrate these feasts in the presence of the Very Rev. Geronta Evagrios from the Holy Monastery of Saint John in Perth, Western Australia.

Geronta Evagrios blessed our community on Saturday by hearing the confessions of our parishioners and allowing them the time to come to the sacrament of Confession in preparation for the Feast of Holy Pascha.

On Sunday our community came together to participate on the Divine Liturgy and Doxology Services. After this the annual Trisagion service for those reposed in the Fight for Freedom from the Ottoman Yoke took place at the traditional war memorial in the Church courtyard.

Following this, members of our community took buses to Anzac Sqaure where another Trisagion Memorial Service was conducted by Geronta Evagrios and Father Dimitri in the presence of Representatives from State and Local governments. There was also representation from local Greek and Greek-Cypriot community associations, who laid wreaths in recognition of the commemoration of events.