The Greek Orthodox Church of St George was formally established on its South Brisbane site on the 4th of May 1958.  Since the consecration of this Holy Temple by his Eminence Archbishop Ezekiel, on the 24th April 1960, the Church has stood as a shining beacon of Orthodox faith and Christianity, solidarity, hope and refuge within our Greek Orthodox Community in Brisbane and greater Queensland.

It is now our duty to ensure the longevity of our Church within our community for the many generations to come.  As a community, we have seen the church undergo many changes since its consecration those many years ago.  Most notably being the beautification of our Church interior with Traditional Byzantine Iconography, again another project which would not have been possible without your valued and loving support.

The current pews within the church have been in use since its establishment and unfortunately are now in need of refurbishment and repair.  With your kind and generous help, we aim to ensure the longevity of our pews for you, our parishioners.

We kindly ask your help.  Any support small or large will positively assist with this important project and ensure that the pews will be restored for use for future generations.

We are pleased to confirm that donations made to restore a full pew or half pew will be commemorated by named plaques attached to the pews (Full pew – named plaque at centre aisle, Half Pew –  named plaque at one end of the pew – either centre or side aisle at Church’s discretion).

Of course, while named plaques are not possible for smaller donations, smaller donations towards the project will be utilised for the restoration program and are encouraged and gratefully received.

Thanking you in advance for your kind support


If you have any questions and/or would like an update on the pews available for restoration, please contact the GOC St George Community Administration Offices on (07) 3249 1000.


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