The Cultural Committee of the Greek Orthodox Community of St George was established in 1974 under the chairmanship of the Late Alex Freeleagus, Consul General for Greece in Queensland.

The cultural committee successfully staged three Greek Expos (Ekthesis) in 1976, 1978 and 1981.

The Greek Expos held at the Greek Club in South Brisbane showcased the Community through trade culture and food.

The Hellenic Dancers, the Community’s dancing group was established by the Cultural Committee in 1978. The group which has a history now of over thirty years is regarded as one of the finest Greek dancing groups in Australia.

In addition the Cultural Committee played a key role during Expo 88 with particular regard to the Greek Pavilion.

The Cultural Committee has been particularly active over the last three years in promoting Hellenism through public lectures and other functions covering topics from Alexander the Great to Nikos Kazantzakis.

The strategic goals of the cultural committee are:

  1. To promote, nurture and celebrate Hellenism.
  2. Promote Hellenism through various means, including music, literature, art, dance, language and key events such as the annual Panayiri Festival.
  3. Strengthen ties and cooperation between regional Hellenic Associations and Brotherhoods in Queensland and create a synergy and alliances with interested associations by holding cultural events and activities.
  4. Strengthen the Hellenic identity and heritage.
  5. Have a united voice in all matters concerning Hellenic culture.


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